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Extract from the forthcoming book of Short Reads:

What Happened to Centigrade?

Bad Hair Day

It is presumed to be myth that some snakes are able to literally paralyze prey with fear. What is clearly not myth is what has happened to the world, in its present condition of paralyzed prey of Kim, the murderous North Korean dictator.

We have become so utterly immobilized that we cannot even talk about sorting him out! And therein lies the paradox. The snake’s victim critter, whether bird, mouse or frog has every right to be petrified when it finds itself in the dreadful position of being in the presence of a monster that can literally swallow it whole, whereas the world, far more powerful than a countryful of Kims could ever be, has no reason to fear a technologically challenged, stupid and stupid-looking man, topped off with an imbecilic hairstyle.

It can lead to no good, were the world to remain in this paralyzed condition for any further length of time. Something or the other will have to give, and the dreadful calamity of nuclear assault must come to pass.

Kim is doing his best to present himself as absolutely mad, and has adopted a front in which he promotes an image of being totally without fear of nuclear war. He actually tells us he has nuclear combat forces! Nuclear combat forces? People in offices, who can press down on buttons? Consequently, the terror he inspires is so great that the US President takes action against Iran!

That is stupid on a number of fronts, the most important one being that the destruction of Iran, which claims to project no apocalyptic threat to any country, will go no way at all towards containing the threat emanating from this one Korean man.

It is probably required to point out the glaring differences between North Korea and Iran, regarding nuclear and ballistic weaponry, and intentions with such weapons. It is this. North Korea has developed nuclear weapons, and is developing ballistic missiles to launch first-strike nuclear attacks upon the US mainland, whereas Iran is not doing so.

What has happened with North Korea, is that a beast has taken control of the country, to use its land and its people solely for its personal pleasure.

Thus, besides torturing, murdering and raping at will, Kim feasts on delicacies flown in by jet, while the starving population stumbles from famine to famine. And to keep himself in the ruler’s position, he has created one of the largest standing armies in the world.

Undoubtedly, the insanity Kim projects needs to be examined in some detail, to understand why he is doing it. But if the question is asked, of what he is doing to prove that he is prepared to embrace death, as the guaranteed outcome of his nuclear posturing, the answer must be ‘nothing really’. In fact, he is so afraid of death that he is trying to buy insurance against a common US bomb landing on his head, by passing a stupid law that will trigger his nuclear combat forces to launch nuclear missiles when he dies!

He is basically layering rounds of posturing on top of each another - and it is working for him! He is getting what he wants and needs - time to develop missiles with greater range, and to acquire new kinds of technological advancements in weaponry.

To justify the militarization process he commenced long ago, he used the possibility of conflict with South Korea and its ally, the USA, as his excuse.

He should have been attacked as soon as he showed intent to go nuclear. But that window of opportunity was lost, long ago

It will be wrong to threaten the country, despite the fact that North Korea is the name that will be used, as it is important to understand the difference between Kim and the country. They are not at all the same thing, as the people of North Korea constitute the human shield this monster hides behind. Separately, North Koreans are also the primary victim population of this beast.

Here lies the difference between Kim and the Ayatollah.

Kim has utterly crushed dissent, but the Ayatollah has an entire seething, ready-to-fight, population against him. It needs a different strategy. Support the Iranian population militarily, and they will overthrow the Ayatollah, with great bloodshed, within a week.

What is the form of military support required?

The next time the women revolt, and the genocide commences, just hit the cowardly armed forces wherever they mass. Yes, it will be war, but when it ends, and very quickly too, there will be a grateful and friendly population in charge of Iran. Not being able to hold military shape, while confronting the entire population, will lead to the immediate collapse of those forces.

And it is worth noting that a high percentage of Iranian males have had some military training, and can use guns!

So why is Kim being allowed to develop his military capability, to the point at which no one can ever again resist him?

It is because he has Japan and South Korea within range. These are major allies of the West, and the threat of harm to the people of those two countries has historically paralyzed the USA with fear.

Where is the logic in staying paralyzed, and letting him conduct test launch after test launch, watching in dread as his missiles creep ever closer to mainland USA? Where is the logic in letting him get to the point where he can hit New York, when the acquisition of such capability will not make Japan and South Korea even slightly more at risk?

In fact, he has almost done it, and Target-USA is but a test or two away. How has he been allowed to come so close, this madman?

He should not have been left in peace, from the moment he showed he was going nuclear.

The oddest thing? He never needed ballistic missiles to finish off the Japanese and the South Koreans, because Tokyo, in Japan, and Seoul, in South Korea, were always in striking range, only hundreds, not thousands, of miles away, and the very moment he made his bomb, he could have launched nuclear attacks on both those countries!

And yet, the fact that he is holding them hostage, cannot count as valid reason for quaking in fear and letting him get to the point where the entire planet becomes his hostage. That is happening, but, paradoxically, he is still a technologically challenged little tyrant. What he is trying to develop today, the USA and the Soviet Union owned 60 years ago!

The rest of the world will just have to ask Japan and South Korea to bite the possible bullet, and proceed with action to destroy this madman’s war capability, both nuclear and ballistic. And that means it will have to force him to surrender. His many weaknesses make him equivalent to the already defeated, and his rout will be confirmed at the exact moment of the commencement of an attack upon him, but because his genocidal structure will never be gone until it is done away with, his surrender is essential, for search and destroy operations, as required, by way of unfettered access throughout the country.

Else his successor will also become his inheritor, and the threat from his system will become his legacy.

There is no option but to launch a ferocious military assault on him.

It is probably going to be extremely important to inform the world, especially North Korea’s ruling hierarchy, that this one person is the only defined target! Military installations, ballistic missile manufacturing and launch centers, and nuclear weapons making facilities, would be the default other targets, but generals and commanders in charge have to be offered the opportunity to opt out of becoming targets themselves – by refusing to obey commands to make missiles ready for launch.

Refusing to obey? Impossible, isn’t it, when everyone knows what Kim does to those who delay, leave alone refuse?

When a massive attack commences on Kim and his military installations, what will happen? Is that going to be the cue for Kim to show that he has believed the lies he has told the world, and that he is ready to be the target of nuclear missiles too? Will a conventional assault on him, lead to nuclear missiles being immediately launched by North Korea in retaliation?

It is imperative to recall what happened to Saddam Hussein, when the air campaign on Iraq commenced. He instantly went into hiding, and stayed on the run until the country had been occupied by its attackers!

Through the entire period of hostilities, he could not even hold a functioning mobile phone, as it would lead to his location becoming known. It is also sure that he was never again able to issue direct commands in any other viable manner.

That very same thing is what will happen with Kim! He has to go on the run, as soon as fighter pilots and unmanned drones arrive overhead, to start hunting for him.

These people are cowards, and the game plan is to enjoy life forever, or at least well into old age, topping off rape, pedophilia and murder, by enjoying as many material things as possible. In fact, it is highly likely that Kim, who has got everything else, is merely seeking wealth from nuclear terrorism, because he is currently too poor to get hold of many of the material things that, for example, the Saudi King can easily buy.

And, because nuclear weapons could be used to disable North Korean launch sites, no attempt will be made to launch nuclear missiles, or even a single missile. These things can be tracked in moments, and it will be impossible for the people who have physically participated in a missile launch, to get out of harm’s way before something extremely explosive falls upon their heads. Everyone knows that you cannot outrun a nuclear blast.

The possibility of a North Korean missile launch is a risk that will simply have to be taken, requiring Japan and South Korea to understand that they just cannot be moved further away from North Korea than they currently are, and, in any case, by now mainland USA itself is in striking range! So, Japan and South Korea are in no greater danger than anyone else.

But here’s the funny thing.

Terrible dictator he is, and has a record of torturing and killing anyone who disobeys his orders. The funny thing is that nobody takes orders from a fugitive on the run, especially if their own necks are safe until they try to launch missiles!

Neutralization is possible, and mad dog Kim can be made into a pussycat with some other name. It can be achieved, and that fool and his missiles can be done away with.

But the UN will work to save Kim, entirely because Saddam Hussein turned out to possess not a single weapon of mass destruction!

Now, although Kim does possess those weapons, and repeatedly threatens to use them and unleash apocalypse, the UN talk shop will turn around and say he hasn’t done so, therefore there is no proof that he will do so, making it not right to harm him for talking, even if out of turn.

What? The world will have to wait until he does kill many million people? It is pointless arguing in the UN, and damn dangerous to delay. We have to find another way to immediately convince the United Nations, get our hands on Kim and string him up.

The very best reason would be to stretch his neck because of the imbecilic hairstyle on his head.


What’s with mass murderers and hair? What on earth is the connection between the two? Does a mass murderer just have to sport a crazy imbecilic hairstyle, or is it the hairstyle that makes the idiot a mass murderer?

Undoubtedly, they have all been some of the ugliest specimens of the human race, but research into the causes can wait until the world has first got rid of Kim, and made the world a notch safer. To convince the UN, we can point to Hitler– a stupid posturing runt, with idiot hairstyle and moron moustache. His contemporaries, the mass murderers, Mao and Stalin, also had extremely serious problems on the hairstyle front.

A quick Google search for images of other tyrants, like Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, and similar, reveals that they all had peculiar hairstyles. Being relatively minor murderers, on the post-Hitler mass murder front, does not help. Hair is their ultimate un-disguise. Caligula and Nero were unable to conceal themselves, as were Tomás de Torquemada of the Spanish Inquisition, and Robispierre, of The Reign of Terror in France.

Whether portent or doom itself, hair is linked directly with cruelty and desperation to kill. Whenever power is acquired by one of those hairstyle-types, it inevitably results in mass murder. It is as though the two things go together, and that mass-murderer-with-stupid-hair is something that just happens naturally. It might even be God’s way of warning us to strangle these curs before they get hold of power and gain immunity, by virtue of becoming rulers.

And now we’ve got this stupid North Korean, with his ludicrous look!

I sometimes imagine that he has standing instructions, given to all barbers, to start shaving his head from the ear up, until baldness is achieved, but that his impatience causes him to shoot them dead when the job is only halfway done.

I remember a Western movie, in which a trembling barber, using a razor on the hero, was revealed to be working with a revolver held to his groin. I imagine the North Korean monster sits down for a haircut, with his barber in a similar situation.

Surely those barbers know their time has come, when summoned to the Great Leader’s chambers, for maintenance work on moron look. They cannot dare refuse the call, despite knowing they will end up being shot dead. The problem with refusal is that they get shot dead first.

The proposal below needs to be adopted by the United Nations, as a sure identifier of a mass murderer who poses a great threat to the rest of the world.

A resolution should be passed, making it mandatory to bump off any and every such criminal as soon as he is identified - which he will himself reveal. He has to be actively attempting to become a ruler, has to be ugly, and sport an imbecilic hairstyle.

No need to wait for additional proof. Such a monster should be automatically captured and strung up.

Lack of such a regulation is what has allowed Kim to get to the point where he endangers everyone. Why doubt? His utterances are merely additional proof, but his hairstyle was, long ago, the statement of his beastliness. He is a criminal, surely serious about his declared intent to commit global nuclear genocide.

Implementation of this new policy should be commenced by getting rid of the North Korean.

He is from a breed of mongrels we do not want hanging around in the world, although simple hanging would be extremely satisfying. Catch him and drag him, squealing, to have his neck stretched, live for television viewers worldwide, on a public stage.

Kim has got the power and the means, and has shown enough of his beastliness, to have already fallen foul of the new law.

He will undoubtedly protest, but we could let him have the cold comfort of the truth, and tell him that he has been sentenced to death for irritating us with his hairstyle!

He’ll understand. It’ll be just another bad hair day.