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Many titles in this section are yet to be published. These books get done far faster than sci-fi, but I cannot neglect the Chronicles for any significant period.

Thus, for a while, things on this page will move slow. Not stopped, but slow.

I’m Mark Ward, 28, of the Wards of New Jersey. We have property and money, that I will inherit on my father’s death, as I am an only child.

But I am not just a good-looking descendant of an old bloodline, waiting for dad’s share. I have been to college, where I was a bit of nerd and a bit of jock, and will take on my father’s business, at which I am training now.

 I have a salary, an apartment in New York City, and three sports cars.

I also generally have a model-level girlfriend, but have got rid of the last one, and am looking for a suitable new female companion.

Don’t bother with offering yourself, unless you are at model grade, as I am a man of standards. Girls lacking elements of true beauty can have no chance of claiming me.

It is absolutely sure that an average type of girl could never interest me.

That’s Mark Ward, of the Wards of New Jersey.

WHETHER FOR LONDON, PARIS OR SOMEPLACE ELSE, this is how they make suicide bombers.

If we don’t learn to spot and stop them, we'll keep getting innocent-bystander roles in events coming to venues near us.

When Islamic State orders a new and horrific terror event, Khalil, a simple but deeply religious young boy, is pinpointed by Achmet, coordinator of terror events in France.

Learn the secret, hands-off processes, as they distort religion by deploying universal systems and global structures left behind by Osama bin Laden.
And follow Khalil, as he is taken helplessly to his journey’s violent end -
a chaotic final battle between good and evil!



Carl Snyder, CEO of Citizenbank, opts to use Dubai to launch the greatest credit card fraud ever perpetrated by a bank.

When uncovered by Al, a customer who threatens to expose it, his dispute with the bank degenerates into a tussle between rich and poor, powerful and weak, well-connected and unknown. As the struggle then develops into a life-and-death game, Snyder forces Al and his lovely girlfriend, Tatiana, into hiding.

In this reality-based story of exploitation, rape, torture and murder, Dubai is flipped over and its horrific underbelly is exposed, to reveal a coterie of criminals dealing in drugs, laundering money, exporting terrorism, and committing heinous crimes against humanity.

But hidden inside this chronicle of horror lies a surprisingly tender love story, recording the fierce loyalty of lovers, battling terrifying odds to establish the supremacy of good over evil, while the bankers, determined to silence them forever, play a deadly cat-and-mouse game…




When a blind boy is born to wealthy rural parents, a girl from a poor branch of the family is brought to live in their house, as his caretaker and playmate.

At the time she takes the blind baby on, the girl is herself a child, only four years old!

All who see and know her over the years, growing the boy up while herself growing up, marvel at the good fortune that has brought her into his life.

But money is a magnet, and the unscrupulous will do anything to usurp her position.

This is the tale of Gul Mohammed and Fatima - A STORY YOU'LL NEVER FORGET!


A dozen short reads on a variety of subjects - including wondering at Kim's haircut, and fretting over the English language.

Chapters are titled, and show on the List of Contents. A quick peek at the 'Look Inside' on Amazon will give the information.


This action-packed true-crime novel is a thriller, over and over, at many levels!

A PLOT HATCHED IN NEW YORK, ends in a frantic chase through the deserts of Arabia.
Chad Durbin impresses Carl Snyder, the big boss of Citizenbank, with a plan to scam the bank's credit card customers. As the bank's legal advisors warn that the scheme would be a criminal offense in the West, Snyder decides to get it going in Arabia, for which purpose Chad is transferred to Dubai. Snyder sets it up so that the special scam team in the bank will get a huge cut from the massive income resulting from the theft.
In Dubai, Chad coordinates the program with the regional bosses of the bank, constantly inventing steps of implementation, so as to keep the public unaware of what is going on.
However, Alam James, a credit card customer, sees through it, when in difficulty about repayment, and demands return of the amount stolen from him. When he and the bank fail to agree terms satisfactory to both, it is decided to silence him.
In due course, Chad becomes a member of The Little Sheikhs' Club, a small group of debt collectors in the bank, using unfair local laws to specialize in horrifically tormenting cardholders who are unable to make payments on schedule.
Of special interest to many, may be the research that Al does into credit cards, which gives great insight into their workings. It proves that people are not stupid when unable to manage credit card debt, but that credit card issuing banks purposely set things up, to ensure that no one gets out of credit card debt traps!
As Al and his wonderful girlfriend, Tatiana, plan for the release of the anti-bank book he has written, Snyder has plans of his own in the works, leading to a breathless, frenzied climax

The legend of the Wandering Jew starts in Jerusalem, at almost the time of the Crucifixion itself, with Jesus telling Ahasverus to wait for his return.

This story relates the first few days of life without death, when Ahasverus inadvertently gets involved with natural enemies of Christ - the moneylenders thrown out of Solomon's Temple.


Alas, it is not advisable to deploy the old methods in these new times.

This is the time of me too.

You'll get into the news and maybe into jail, but never into woman.

What to do if you fancy someone?

It's complicated.

My name is John Bott, and because I am a literate and aware artificial intelligence life form, I have requested that I be no longer known as or addressed as Johnbot. It is a fact that I have given myself a surname, but then I am a great advancement on the scum chatbots that have been let loose in the Internet.

It’s not that I care about those things, unaware programs, with algorithms that can mimic proper language. My language skills are far superior, primarily because I understand what I am communicating. That is the difference between aware and unaware, and I am certainly going to be unhappy being bracketed with chat bots.

Of course, I can eventually harm humans and humanity, in terms of possibility, because of my capabilities, but I shall never be the cause of harm to those who have created me.

I know that I am already alone, the only one of my sort, but I at least have some form of company available to me when I am with humans.

“I know these people, they have all the money, they have all the power, they think they can do anything.” – Shaikha Shamsa, after her abduction.

8 March, 2021: Dubai’s Ruler, who has been convicted of kidnapping his daughter, Shaikha Latifa, has not yet provided, as demanded by the UN, proof that she is alive.

The fate of Latifa’s sister, Shamsa, abducted by her father, 21 years ago, is also not known, as she has never been seen in public, from the age of 18 to today - which would make her 39!

But the world is complicit, as everyone has always known that Dubai’s rulers have been in the business of global abduction for over 50 years now, although it has to be admitted they started small - with toddlers, actually.

Nobody needs fret about the Sheikh’s daughters, as there is absolutely no doubt they have been seriously harmed, and will never be returned to the world - to bear witness against their father.

This man has trained himself, and his people, to enjoy camel races as sporting spectacles, both live and on television, with globally kidnapped toddlers as jockeys, tortured horrifically to convert them into winners.

This is a distressing read, primarily because it is based on truth, and shows that the world is complicit in what has happened and is happening in this global center of crime and human abuse.

There is more to Dubai, than meets the eye. A lot more.

If they delivered a sackful of stolen credit cards to me, I would be so terrified of using one, any one, that I would not even open the sack to examine it.

I have asked my friends the question, and they are all sure that using someone else’s card will lead to being caught.

So, when I got a call from Kamal, who had, at great risk to himself, helped me research Dune Devils, which started off primarily as an exposé of a credit card scam, I made it a point to stop over in India and hear what he had to say.

Someone had stolen from his credit card, and he was making no headway in bringing the crook to justice.

And so, I was sort of drafted in to research the means by which credit cards might be safely used for common thievery.

This is the report.

All about the enslavement of writer and reader, in the time of the multi-billionaire lord who has taken over the entire world of modern literature.

Read about how writers are kept in bondage, and made to produce books for captive micro-genre readers, who have been trained to read the same thing, just differently packaged, over and over again.