J. A. Hailey

Life is Multi-Genre

If you think the thoughts other people think
You will write the books other people write

I believe that the world is a needlessly tough place, and that life is a quest for happiness. Thus, provided that no one is caused pain by the actions that define your quest, you should be free to pursue happiness.

This makes me an unbiased person, believing in the principle of letting others go about their lives, without judging them on wealth, race, sexual orientation, or any other parameter. Not my business.

On the writing front, I am a multi-genre author, hitting on any and every subject under the sun. I try to find stories that originate in life itself. And life, for everyone on the planet, just has to be multi-genre.

My ongoing epic sci-fi series, Chronicles of a Stolen World, has caused me to be identified as a science fiction writer. While I have no issues with that perception, I keep stressing that I am actually a multi-genre writer, to the extent of even boasting that I am the most multi-genre author of them all.

I have been planning a romance novel, and had scheduled it to be my next book. This is a real love story one, which is probably rather unusual for a male writer, especially for one primarily identified as a producer of science fiction.

However, in view of the furore around Artificial Intelligence, I have decided to bring forward my AI novel, and to work on the romance one after it.

Among authors, I would probably be counted as one of the more qualified ones to write on the subject of AI. After all, I am practically into the 10th novel of Chronicles of a Stolen World - a series of books with an uninterrupted continuous story, entirely about a world of virtual life in the Internet of our time. AI, it’s not, but close enough.

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