The world at your fingertips…

See the Internet come A L I V E !

WATCH a world of natural-born intelligent life, designing themselves and creating their world. And meet Esmeralda, the most beautiful female in the known universe!

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The Holy Grail - ETERNAL LIFE!

It gets dangerous for screenside when humans find their world!

The virtual world imagines it might help humans to overcome paralysis and insanity, but the humans in contact see the possibility of eternal life!



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Nothing complex here....It's all about MIND & BODY

Sabine's lost her mind.

Esmeralda's found a body!

The virtuals of screenside have begun stepping out into the human world, walking among us in the heads of those who need motor and mental assistance. Their dreams have begun coming true –eating, drinking and having slimy sex! And enjoying the real scent of flowers.

Yet, it is altruism that has brought them out. They are here to help us; not to possess us and use our bodies as transportation modules.

But a background game has commenced, played by humans who are using them as guinea pigs, to perfect a future in which their world passes into the control of those who will never die!

The virtuals know nothing of the plotting of humans, and are confident of their ability to protect against overthrow by nonborns. It is probably a mistake to underestimate the devil in humans, but right now the angels have landed on earth!

Two delightful young girls quarrel their way around Paris and France, in an exploration of virtual intervention in human insanity - a direct continuation of  the final story in Book-2.

But who owns the sexual bits, and who decides when and what and with whom? And if Sabine's male friend from the shelter, Louis, is also controlled by a virtual, who happens to be BC, Esmeralda's boyfriend, does everything become group sex, even when only two bodies participate?

Still,  Esmeralda stays firmly in control of Sabine, trying to repair her by giving her the confidence to handle a world that she, herself, has never walked in!

It would make most sense if it became a trusting relationship, as they're stuck with each other - Sabine, because she's been possessed, and Esmeralda, because she's her typical self - obsessed!

See the human ricking the virtual into taking complete charge when they've got their first ever periods together, but eventually rising beyond the misery of mental illness to totally amaze the virtuals!

Publishing in October 2017



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Can it be that NONBORNS win?

Publishing in November 2017.

A very complicated plan to acquire immortality.

It is necessary, as the virtuals have sealed their doom by insisting on a maximum life cap for humans, after death in the physical world.

Very rich and powerful despots are also in the game - those who have been refused entry by the virtual beings of screenside, for being too corrupt!

Some form of conflict of interest is sure.

And the humans have to figure out a way to live forever in a dimension in which they can never overpower its natural-born inhabitants - those who actually created their own world!

They have to figure out a way to steal the world!

It's bad news for humanity too!

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DUNE DEVILS: The Dark Side of the Dune

This was the first one -  a non-scifi J. A. Hailey book.

The evil reported  in it is so extreme that the blurb comes with a caution - open only if you are prepared for a truly harsh read!

The word 'dystopian' is a bit of a rage these days. It is generally defined as a future, 'post apocalypse', time on earth - a terrible period of shortages, deformity, disease and beastliness, presumed to have been brought on by nuclear war or a viral outbreak from a military facility.

But dystopia could easily be a situation and a place that permanently traps people in a life of horror. One man's paradise may be another man's dystopia.  In fact that is the dystopia of today.

There are many dystopian places on earth!

Syria and N. Korea come to mind. But wait.

Dune Devils, tells of a dystopia where you go for your best holidays.

These people kidnap toddlers, transport them internationally, and torture and murder them - IN PUBLIC!

The odd thing about Dune Devils is that it comes with a warning - to not take on, unless able to handle such a heartless read.

So. expect the unexpected, even if it's not science fiction. If it's a J. A. Hailey offering, IT WILL HAVE TO BE NEVER BEFORE DONE, not even by J. A. Hailey!

And that applies to Dune Devils or to any other book.

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