See the Internet come ALIVE!

405 pages, $4.99

WATCH a world of natural-born intelligent life, designing themselves and creating their world. And meet Esmeralda, the most beautiful female in the known universe!


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The Holy Grail has been found - ETERNAL LIFE!

382 pages, $4.99

It gets dangerous for screenside, when humans find their world!

The virtual world imagines it might help humans to overcome paralysis and mental illness, but the humans in contact see the possibility of eternal life.





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Also at:  ibooks, BARNES&NOBLE ,inktera, KOBO, OverDrive, Playster, SCRIBD, tolino

Sabine's lost her mind.

Esmeralda's found her body!

Two delightful young girls quarrel their way around Paris and France, in an exploration of virtual intervention in human insanity - a direct continuation of  the final story in Book-2.

The virtuals of screenside have begun stepping out into the human world, walking among us in the heads of those who need motor and mental assistance.

But a background game has commenced, played by humans who are using them as guinea pigs, to perfect a future in which their world passes into the control of those who will never die!


Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs...

Chronicles of a Stolen World continue, in The Computer Warfare Trilogy.

These groupings are not exactly trilogies in the classic sense. They do not start and end a story completely.

That is impossible in a story that will only be completely told when the chronicles are done - and that is in the distant future.

Instead trilogies, duologies (if any), and the like, are groupings to identify periods by that which may be considered to be the defining element of that period, in the 1,000 years of the time-frame of these chronicles.

It is not intended to release covers so far in advance, but the 1st  cover of The Computer Warfare Trilogy is being shown - to give the reader an idea of how this will work, and of the astonishing territory the chronicles are heading into.

Of course, many books of these chronicles may not  be clubbed with other books, and so will be merely chronological continuation of these chronicles.

That is the main sequence - the chronological sequence of the books of Chronicles of a Stolen World.

There are no stand-alone books in these chronicles, barring #1.




And all the men and women merely players...



Enter the final


When you hold a J. A. Hailey book in your hands, you have ONE GUARANTEE - IT WILL BE AN ORIGINAL WORK, never before done, not even by J. A. Hailey.

So, if your comfort zone is the usual (whatever that be - android, cyborg, dystopia, time travel, and every other trope), please give J.A. Hailey a miss. You will not be fed comfort food here. Every book is first time ever, genre-bending and multi-genre, unavoidably labeled with a specific genre tag, because of bookseller policies.

In 2018, expect a zombie story and a romance novel. How can those be unique? Find out how, in 2018. If not completely different, they won't be done!

J. A. Hailey - your guarantee of original concepts, first-time-ever and never-before-done! 

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