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The Side of the Dune

Dune Devils was my first book, written as a reaction to the misdeeds of a bank which had used my exposure to its credit cards as leverage to torment and silence me. It also held me hostage in Dubai.

Though, when starting, my intention had been to hit out at the bank alone, I found myself slowly getting into great difficulty with the believability of the subject matter. After all, the things that are related in Dune Devils, even if limited explicitly to the activities of a bank, are far-fetched in the extreme.

Nowadays, in my new avatar as a writer, I often hope to someday write novels around well-known background material, for example the Second World War, or maybe the slave trade, or maybe even, because of my entry into science fiction, well established tropes like time travel.

That has not yet happened, and I find that I am invariably dealing with subjects where the background has to be created or has to be laid out and explained to the reader. This is what I encountered in Dune Devils.

To be precise, everything the bank did would become believable when the reader had access to information on Dubai itself.

So when I began being forced to write about Dubai in great detail, I lived in dread. Exposing the Sheikh and his city was an extremely unwise thing to do when trapped in Dubai itself. If caught, I could have expected to be tortured to death.

Thus, in great secrecy, I conducted my research and wrote my book – and then somehow escaped with my hide intact, despite actually entering their prison system for a few days!

Barring the clearly fictional matter, everything else in Dune Devils is true!

It was still unbelievable, and so I went and inserted about 200 endnotes to back up the story. That version still exists, although it is not on sale, as I have tampered with the book now being sold in the following ways:

  1. I have removed most of the endnotes (as they were all Internet-based, many have vanished altogether), because anyone in doubt can easily Google the information.
  2. I have removed the detailed study of credit cards, because it is actually not required in Dune Devils in its current form (however, the extracted card information will soon be tagged onto the back of my forthcoming novel – How to Become a Credit Card Crook).

Although utterly devoid of blood and gore, Dune Devils, The Dark Side of the Dune, is a remorseless novel. With this warning, proceed to buy, but you could also look through the reviews on Amazon first, to be sure you want to read this book.

BTW, practically everyone has enjoyed it and rated it at five stars.

Go, thou, and do likewise.