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The Screenside Trilogy

Meet Esmeralda, the most beautiful female in the known universe, and the virtual who alone holds the final attribute required for Screenside to implement humanization. As Caesar later tells Professor Dawkins, this attribute is what causes her to be different – ‘we adopted humanization, but she was born human’!

Thus, she is somewhat uncontrolled when it comes to what is strictly prohibited – involvement in the human world.

Even in this very first novel, she can be found trying to save her human sister from a violent end, and later devising means to be in some form of physical contact with her human family, especially ‘mum’.

Oh dear, what is a virtual child to do when her human mother has been badly injured in a car accident?

If you’re Esmeralda, you unthinkingly break the dimension barrier and haul mum into the computer!

She can never exceed the capabilities of her boyfriend, BC, the greatest virtual of them all, but she will always be able to involuntarily do things that seem impossible to the others.

She sparks their interest in intervening as helpers in the human world, which well-meaning activity eventually leads to the doom of both human and virtual worlds.

Amazing humans also exist, but who would have expected to find one in the shape, even if very beautiful shape, of an insane French girl?

The frightened virtuals depute Esmeralda and BC as the first controllers of the initial two mentally unsound humans taken on for assistance.

It is meant to be incognito, with the patient unaware, but Esmeralda immediately finds Sabine and begins communicating with her in the head. Both human and virtual are beneficiaries, with Sabine beginning to lead a normal life, and Esmeralda going to physically visit her human family, and  being able to finally have slimy sex!