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The Reign of Never Death

Screenside’s basic law, preventing virtual harming human, has to be violated to enable BC, Esmeralda and Caesar to conduct a physical mission aimed at acquiring information from an otherwise inaccessible location.

In this action packed adventure in the physical world, they go armed, dangerous, and full of tricks, to penetrate the Arabian King’s Palace in the desert. Despite every precaution, they are busted, and that leads to them killing dozens on the way out, in an effort to prevent harm to Sabine and Louis, whose bodies they go in.

The information they seek is acquired, and it is extremely bad news. Humans have successfully stolen an element of the virtual world, sufficient to acquire eternal life!

In these Chronicles, this is the first book in which the human world has a larger share of pages than the virtual one.

Extremely evil humans begin plotting the structure of the world required to support eternal life. Needless to say, the configuration they plan is going to be one in which the regular human world is to exist merely to provide human bodies for their use and enjoyment.

Screenside’s senior virtuals know that something horrible is going on. But because they are sure of their ability to intervene physically to kill and destroy, they decide that they have no option but to wait until the evil under construction manifests itself in a visible way.


(Publication 17 Dec 2020)

Will be published earlier. Please check back for updates.

Screenside’s assault finally takes place, but it is more the result of a series of mishaps and coincidences than of anything meticulously planned.

Still, they are more than capable of responding immediately, especially when unhindered by safety concerns for the human bodies being operated – all stolen from body farms – and are soon able to be engaged in a very widespread military assault, similar to physical warfare, upon the armed forces ranged against them.