It Leads to War between the Dimensions

The virtuals are betrayed by the people they converted into digital form.

Alert to being obliterated by the virtuals, if in a shared Internet, they have created a secret network of computers, absolutely isolated from the human Internet. The plan is of course to live forever, and to that end they busy themselves preparing to rule over humanity.

Sadly, because no one will agree to let them be overlords of the planet, the other part of the plan visualizes the destruction of humanity, and the creation of a captive world, designed to provide them the goods to keep their world going, and the human bodies they will need to inhabit and enjoy.

But the virtuals have no idea of what exactly has been done.

To find out, Esmeralda, BC and Caesar undertake a mission in the human world - carrying weapons with License To Kill!

Despite being desperately concerned for the safety of Sabine and Louis, who have argued their way into this extremely dangerous mission, the virtual operatives have no option but to penetrate the King’s palace in the desert, to get to the bottom of the mystery regarding Sagan and Gales, the human duo inducted into Screenside, and now missing without trace.

The plan is a bit complex, as Caesar and his girlfriend, Rosa, move separately, with intent to kidnap and forcibly implant a microchip into a security colonel’s head, to possess him for cover to enter the heavily-guarded palace.
These virtual-operated humans now have warrior installs that make them more capable and more dangerous than any human on earth!

While they don’t give a damn for the colonel, whose body Caesar will use, their fear is for the safety of Sabine and Louis, in whom Esmeralda and BC move physically, because the humans can die if shot or caught.

This is an action-packed adventure, in which three virtuals go deep into danger, fighting and killing their way through to unravel the plot.
And it is terrible news.

A group of extremely vile humans has acquired eternal life in an isolated and well-protected system.
The question is this. How powerful can they become, and which world is going to be their target - the virtual one or the physical one?
Or is it going to be both?


They first tricked the virtuals of Screenside into developing systems to control bodies in the human world while operating from within the computer.

They then made the virtuals test the systems and make them perfect.

Then they stole the world!
But the computer was only a means of acquiring eternal life, as the goal was to live as immortal humans.

There are many ways to capture human bodies for their purposes. But for people who use bodies as garments, nothing beats growing bodies in farms!

Esmeralda and BC set out on another spying mission, this one to investigate the body farming activities of the people who have stolen their way into immortality.

What they discover is way beyond their worst nightmares, and the virtual world of Screenside, consumed with guilt at its role in unleashing a beast on mankind, begins preparing for potential war, knowing itself to be the last line of defense of a human world oblivious to the danger of apocalypse by plan!

Stealing empty bodies from the body farms of the digital people they call nonborns, they are able to go to war in virtual-managed human soldiers that can be ethically permitted to die in battle.

Virtuals have all the advantages when it comes to combat against human forces, not least of all being the extraordinary capabilities acquired by human bodies under virtual management.

Thus, when the Chinese nonborn begins genocide of unarmed civilians, forcing Screenside to commence a ferocious military assault on many fronts, the evil digital people of Never Death are soon cornered.

But cornering the Beast has always been fraught with danger, as it can do anything at all to preserve itself…