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Yes, that’s my photograph.

What? Cannot see my face?

That is great news. It means those who wish me harm cannot see it either.

Although I have to say that I like the blue, and wish I could adopt this rectangle as my photograph in every official document. You know, that passport thing?

I had put up a real photograph on my Amazon on profile page, but thankfully that stupid phase is over, and I have now taken it down. You see, I write about things that make me angry, and injustice always succeeds in making me angry.

The problem with fighting injustice is that you tend to come up against the unjust, and our world is structured in a way that makes the unjust rich and powerful. Very rich and very powerful. Better not to give them a photograph to hand over to their hitmen. Why make life easier for them?

Of course, it is possible that a couple of innocent people who look nothing like me have been bumped off, but am I supposed to feel guilty about that? I don’t know.