Kim’s HOAX! He’s not making a 10,000 mile missile. He’s already got the range for NYC – 100 miles!

Tell the President that missile is a diversion. He needs no new missiles. All that nutcase needs is a nuclear warhead small enough to fit onto a missile, any missile. The moment he has it, the world is toast. He’s got 73 delivery platforms UNDER THE SEA!

73 submarines. He has no other plan. How do you plan with hit-and-miss, self-exploding missiles?

What to do? Oh, it’s dead easy to stop him in his tracks.

But it starts with an apology. This one:

“Sorry Japan. Sorry South Korea. But you’re never going to be out of his range. It won’t help anyone if he gets us within range too.”

Actually Kim’s entire game plan has been based on his threat to his neighbors. And he’s using that to become a global threat.

No, there’ll be no nuclear war.

He’s only a blackmailer, wanting a damn good, damn long life, annoying us all with his irritating hairstyle. BUT THERE MUST BEĀ  WAR, YES! Immediately, please.

And the matter should end in about a week.